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Meet Your Visionary

Roy L. Johnson, Jr, is a product of his aspirations, his environment, and a lifetime of defying the odds. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Johnson’s early ambitions would place him on the path to being the first college graduate in his family. Earning a degree in biology from Texas A&M University – College Station in 2004, only to double back for an MBA specializing in Healthcare Management and a master’s degree with a concentration in Project Management.



As a young, bold and empowering African American male, Roy was always taught that education was the gateway to a lifestyle that would change things around him. Johnson always being a dreamer, kept this in mind and when the time came for him to execute, he never retreated or hesitated to go above and beyond. Often facing many bumps along the way, Roy refused to ever allow himself to quit or buckle under the pressure. Remembering that the higher he climbed, the lower he could drop the rope to help others achieve these same heights. A natural born fire starter and trailblazer, Johnson figured out he was especially equipped to be an entrepreneur. He would go on to be the founder and president of The Business Launcher LLC.



A company solely dedicated to entrepreneurs as the navigate taking their business from notebook paper to the client’s front doors. Johnson, himself being the ultimate example of the same success most clients seek was a natural when it came to working with clients. His honest approach and optimistic resiliency are as contagious as they’re both effective. Johnson has been modestly features on the platforms of ABC, CBS, NBC, The Voyage Houston Magazine, The Voyage Austin Magazine, Gospel Updates Magazine (Jan 2022), countless guest radio appearances, podcasts, and even tv shows.



With a genuine heart and passion for motivating others, Johnson went on to become a keynote motivational speaker on an international platform making his debut on the international stage. Since then, he has spoken internationally in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He is unceasingly being sought after to speak on stages to help motivate and inspire others to see the unexploited potential within themselves. The co-author of the book, Strategic Entrepreneurship, The NIA Way, Stories of Perseverance, Dedication and Commitment, Johnson firmly believes in the empowerment of everyone.



Apart of a networking group, Network in Action Northeast, Johnson believes in leading by example for his clients by constantly exploring new business ventures. With the goal of managing a prominent motivation speaking and coaching platform in the future and maybe even in the educational sector, Johnson clearly understands his charge to pay it forward. Being unapologetically authentic and a true role model for the young and seasoned generations, his life single-handily echoes the ultimate possibilities education can bring. Knowing the road will pose some unforeseen challenges, barriers or roadblocks (not to confused as a stop signs), being properly equipped and ready to fight anyway is the mindset he lives by each and every day he wakes up with breath in his body.




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