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Do You Know Your Entrepreneurial

We all know an idea remains an idea, a dream remains a dream and a vision  remains a vision unless you get out of your comfort zone and act upon them.  Without the proper guidance and help, what happens to those ideas, dreams or  visions? Someone else either takes the initiative and acts on them or they wither up  and dry like a raisin in the sun.

As a certified business coach, I strongly believe that we were all conceived with a  uniquely designed hand-crafted gift of genius. Although those gifts aren’t always  identified and explored due to limiting beliefs within oneself and abilities, there’s  some untapped entrepreneurial spirit in all of us. Whether you legitimately own a business or employed by a business, discovering your DNA will help in countless  ways. 

Realizing your Entrepreneurial DNA will offer you insight into how to run your  company even more efficiently. You may not be a business owner, but your results will give you an eye-opening glimpse into the predisposed strengths, weaknesses and best practices for  entrepreneurs who are wired like you.

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