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   Life Coaching

Let me ask you...

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of trying to figure it out on your  own? 

Are you tired of being a self-disruptor dream-killer? 

Are you tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? 

Are you ready to go from stagnation to manifestation and start living a more 

purposeful and fulfilled life? 

Are you ready to become that peak performer by setting specific and attainable goals?


Are you ready to get uncomfortable with the understanding there is no growth in your comfort zone? 

Together, in our co-creative partnership, we will:

Identify your goals. 

Identify the obstacles/barriers to obtaining those goals. 

Find solutions to the obstacles.  

Find reasons to believe in yourself and why you will succeed. 

Celebrate your efforts along the way.  

As your coach I will:

Be as excited and committed to your goals as you are. 

Take the time to challenge yourself to define what a winning life means to you.

Hold yourself accountable to make sure you live up to your full potential. 

Provide support and structure to help you accomplish more.

Keep yourself better focused to produce results more quickly.  

Always be honest and direct.  

Maintain confidentiality. 

As my client I ask you to:

Be fully prepared and focused at each session.  

Be honest with yourself and with me.  

Let me know what works for you and what does not.  

Stretch yourself to deepen the work done in sessions by writing and taking  drastic action steps between sessions. 

Maintain an optimistic attitude and be prepared to get “RADICAL”, Stay 100% committed to the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Life Coaching? 

The life coaching experience is intended to constructively unveil your blind spots, deliver newly profound perspectives, discover your deepest values, and to take radical action on confidently shifting in the direction of the person you desire to become. 

My ultimate goal is for you, as my client, to walk away from each coaching session with more clarity, a greater sense of direction, more focused and better equipped moving forward. 

How does it work? 

We will engage once per week for about an hour and there will be suggested “homework” comprising of exercises, books or websites to assist with particular areas that are keeping you stagnated. 

There is unlimited email support between sessions. 

How long does the Life Coaching Program last?


Approximately 2-3 months (8-12 sessions) clients are “accomplished.” This implies we’ve identified and expelled the heavy “stuff”. As a result, you have more clarity, a greater sense of direction, more focused and better equipped moving forward. 

You, the client, make the determination when the coaching program has run its course, not me. 

How is the Life Coaching program structured? 

The modern coaching process is not cookie cutter or a linear process. We won’t know what’s on the other side of the door until we walk up to it and open the door to see what’s on the other side. Unfortunately, there is no specific recipe.

What is the investment? 

I prefer to tailor each coaching package to your specific needs. However, we can negotiate something different if needed during your strategy session. It is my true intention as a coach to properly equip my clients with the necessary tools to become independent and not dependent using the relationship as a long-term crutch. 

What if I am international, can we still work together? 

I’ve worked and spoken before clients internationally. Therefore, my life coaching services are no different. All coaching is available via face to face in office, online video conferencing, phone, or secured email messaging. My scheduling system makes it simple to find a time that is conducive for you to schedule your session. 

How do I pay? 

You will be sent an invoice via PayPal to render payment for your coaching experience. 



What if it doesn’t work? 



If I did my part and you did your part, and somehow things didn’t work out, there is a 100% money-back guarantee. 

How do I prepare for my sessions?


Complete the pre-session questionnaire. Please be honest and transparent with yourself as you execute your questionnaire. This is the ONLY way we’ll be able to maximize your coaching sessions. Remember, what is discussed between you and I  is done in confidence. I want to be able to serve you to my fullest ability to be able  to yield the greatest results. 

Can I skip a week? 

In coaching, the client establishes the agenda. While I propose adhering to a weekly  schedule. However, as the client, you ultimately make the determination when best  time is to schedule your next session. 

Can I reschedule my session? 

Absolutely! I completely aware and understand that life happens. My online scheduling system is very simple and easy to use; reschedule at your convenience.

What can you expect from our initial trial session/consultation? 

We will have a small conversation about where you are and where you want to be.  Then I’m going to tell how I work as your coach and a little about my background.  Then, we’re going to test drive things and see what it is like when working together;  test the chemistry and synergy. So, at the end of the session, we are going to (1)  identify if coaching is the best fit for you and (2) identify if I am the coach for you.  

I truly look forward to our conversation. 

Does Life Coaching by phone really work? 

Apart from the advantages of escaping the horrific traffic, working by phone is much more effective than video and for some clients even better than face-to-face. 


When addressing sensitive issues where you may feel vulnerable, not being seen helps us to break though the resistance of the shell and get down to core of the issue quicker and with minimal discomfort. 

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