Employee or Entrepreneur – Which One Are You?

Updated: Mar 12

How you think and approach your job is a good indication of whether you have the mindset of an employee or an entrepreneur. Finding out which suits you best is a way to avoid pitfalls and failures and be sure you’re pursuing the opportunities that will take full advantage of what you can offer.

Even though you may work from home or your own office and consider yourself an entrepreneur, there are still people who control your ultimate success. For example, if you’re a freelance accountant, you depend on other companies or individuals for your income.

It’s the way you think about your work that determines whether you would function better as an employee or an entrepreneur. It’s possible to satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit while working for employers and/or clients.

Working for a company that values your entrepreneurial spirit can work quite well. It can flourish long-term and build relationships that work to satisfy both sets of goals. But, some companies take a dim view of the entrepreneurial spirit working in the company. They may see you as a person who’s difficult to manage and who doesn’t conform to their ideas and goals.

Here are some differences in the mindset of an employee versus the mindset of an entrepreneur:

  • Employees are worker bees who specialize in specific work techniques, tools and plans.

  • Entrepreneurs are planners. They are visionaries and strategists who see the finished product (or goal) rather than the details of getting there.

  • Employees focus on their individual responsibilities.

  • Entrepreneurs see their jobs as intertwined with the entire infrastructure of the business.

  • Employees are often frustrated with meetings and other issues which distract and keep them from their “jobs.”

Entrepreneurs feel connected to the way a business operates by gathering as much information as possible about the overall workings.

It takes the combined strengths of both employees and entrepreneurs to make a business into a success. Both ways of thinking must be present to help the business grow and thrive.

An employee likes to focus on what has been successful for the business in the past – and the entrepreneur wants to ensure its future by making sure he knows trends and by weeding out what didn’t work and figuring out ways to make better choices.

Figuring out which type of mindset you have – employee or entrepreneur – is key to finding your happiness in either a job which appreciates your entrepreneurial spirit or exploring your own business options.

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