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How to Know It’s Time to Be Your Own Boss

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Everyone has a deep-seated longing to be his or her own boss – to run the show and be the creator or his own future. When you control your own destiny by becoming your own boss, there are some huge perks – and also some minuses.

The job market of today isn’t attractive. Companies are notorious for hiring talent for the least amount of money they can and then working them like cattle to make up for the lack of employees they have to do the job. Why would anyone want to be in that situation?

That’s why there are so many “golden opportunity” advertisements to become your own boss. But many of these are fly-by-night offers that will never get you off the ground to developing your own business in a way that will last.

A successful business must be built on solid ground. It can still be accomplished today – and you can become your own boss and run your own business. But, it takes planning and time and a huge commitment to see it through to fruition.

Your business is your “brand,” and what you accomplish with the brand comes from a sincere desire to make it work. As a boss, you find a way to meet all of your commitments and get the job done – even if it means working long hours and making personal sacrifices to be sure it’s done properly.

If you’re ready to face that truth, you’re likely ready to become your own boss. Your mindset is one that seeks achievement rather than authority over others. You want to achieve on your own merits rather than leave your advancement to the discretion of a boss who may not know your potential.

You love challenges and wake up each morning ready to meet them. You’re ready to offer a product or service that goes beyond what everyone else has done – and you’re also ready to offer the best customer service to those customers who believe in what you do.

If you are now an “employee” who wants to make the leap to becoming your own boss and developing your own successful company, ask yourself, “How good of an employee am I?”

The pegs will fall into place when you begin with the drive and enthusiasm of a good employee and transfer that to your own business plans and ideas.

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