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Scientific Differences Between an Employee and an Entrepreneur

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The differences between an employee and an entrepreneur aren’t just about how their brains work. It may also have something to do with their backgrounds. In a recent Swiss/German scientific study, it was found that the main difference in employee versus entrepreneur is that the employee tends to specialize, whereas the entrepreneur knows something about everything.

The entrepreneur is likely to be well informed about many skills and the employee probably is proficient at a limited number of skills. The skills of the employee tend to relate to a specific job, whereas the entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily specialize.

Entrepreneurs tend to have the experience of a wide range of past jobs – forming interests in the way the entire business is set up and run. They also form a myriad of relationships and therefore have help and support when launching a new idea or business.

That doesn’t mean you have to become a social butterfly to have success as an entrepreneur. But, when you gather a wide range of skills and know how to use them to the best advantage, you have more chance of running a successful business than the computer geek who is focused on one thing and not interested in expanding their interests – except where it pertains to computers.

It also helps the entrepreneur to have a different set of experiences than the normal person. The entrepreneur tends to be curious and creative and determined to find solutions and to figure out better ways to get things done.

The scientific study also revealed that entrepreneurs were risk takers and employees like to focus on a specific skill or a few skills to become adept and perfect that those.

Entrepreneurs aren’t as concerned about security as the employee and like to base his or her happiness on formulating a plan and making it happen. Freedom is also a huge issue with the entrepreneur. He isn’t comfortable taking orders and working for a boss.

Another interesting difference between the employee and the entrepreneur is that the employee looks forward to holidays and time off. The entrepreneur’s brain never stops thinking, so he wonders why holidays are necessary and tends to look forward to the end of holidays and Monday mornings.

It’s important to find a balance between the two mindsets. If the entrepreneur thinks about work and profit – at all costs – his or her personal and social life will suffer, and the result can cause unhappiness for him and those around him.

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