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Why Should You Quit Your Job?

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Sometimes you just know when the party’s over and you should move on. Relationships can be like that – and so can jobs. It may be nothing you’ve done on the job that makes it time to quit, but just a sign of the times.

Perhaps you were yelled at by your boss once too often or told you couldn’t take off for your child’s last volleyball game of the season. It’s the last straw on a journey that wasn’t going to end well anyway. You say the words, “I quit!”

Now you’ve chosen your destiny and unless you have another job waiting in the wings, this can be the perfect opportunity to branch out on your own – especially if you’ve always wanted to become your own boss, and an entrepreneur. Here are some other reasons why it may be time to quit your job:

The “writing is on the wall.” Are positions in your company being replaced by

temp-staffing or technology – or perhaps they’re downsizing to the bare minimum.

That’s a sign to either look for another job or consider branching out on your own.

You’re making enough money – but you’re not happy. Money isn’t everything. If

there’s something else you’d rather do – like start your own business – you should

make every effort to prepare for your job exit, both mentally and financially.

Your retirement plan is in the tank. Some people think they’re going to work at a

job for 30 years or so and then retire comfortably. That’s not true anymore, nor is it

likely to be any time soon. Another choice is to “choose yourself.” That could mean

starting your own business or developing a lifestyle for yourself where you stash

away large amounts of money.

How many ways can your lifestyle change in an instant if you lose your job?

Could you lose your house? Perhaps your kids won’t be able to go to the college of

their choice – or lose your self-esteem and your ability to provide for your family.

Maybe your boss has the power to destroy your way of life – or it could be your

health that’s precarious. Plan now to chart your own destiny and control your own

life – however that may be.

Don’t make excuses for yourself about being stuck in a job you hate. Instead, make plans to get out of the job and chart your own course. Quit telling yourself you’re “too old, don’t have the skills, don’t have the connections” or other false statements we make to ourselves.

If your job isn’t satisfying your mental or physical needs anymore – make plans to quit your job and find the real you.

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